Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting into Surfing

Shark Attacks, Drowning, Sting Rays, Jelly Fish, Rip Currents (tides), etc.

If I haven't scared you off yet please keep reading... It does get better!

Shark Attacks

To put things in perspective you have a 5,312 times more chance of fatally being killed by lightning then by a shark attack. Shark attacks are just not that common. Most of the time these scary creatures are more frightened of you then you are of them.

So why Surf?

Surfing is a sport unlike any other sports. Its one on one with nature really. The ocean can either work for you or against you. Amongst you is pure nature. While on your board you may see dolphins surfacing above the ocean, pelicans diving, or seagulls overhead. If you have an underwater camera (can be disposable also) you can take some awesome shots on your board that you can't get from the shore. But the best feeling to any surfer is riding that perfect wave! As you paddle with the wave hang on to and position the right stance on your board for the ride of your life!!!

Rent a Longboard first....
If you are looking to get into surfing but are really not sure if its the right sport for you try and rent a board first. Surfing can be expensive and boards can range anywhere from $200-thousands of dollars. So why not rent one for less than $20.00 to see if you really enjoy it. Many popular beaches with surfing offer daily rentals for any type of board (Longboards, Shortboards, Fishboards, etc.) I suggest renting a longboard if its your first time out. Longboards vary in length but are most common 9'-12'. Longboards can handle small uncontrollable waves that other boards can't. Since this will probably be your first time out you won't want to ride any type of wave that is too outrageous...On a longboard you will feel a graceful glide when you get up on your board.